Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Is your company considering the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to bring temporary skilled workers to Alberta, or other parts of Canada? This particular permit has faced a great deal of scrutiny over the past year and this has also reflected in the quality of applications accepted by the Canadian government.

If you are looking at the process, it is a worthwhile investment to work with an established immigration lawyer who can assist you and your company with the process, as changes are expected within the program.

Expected Changes To The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Canadian government has recently announced that it will be making reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in an effort to not cut out skilled Canadian workers with foreign work applicants. It was announced in the 2013 budget that there will be a number of changes to the application process and its requirements, filtering out workers to prioritize Canadian citizens.

To address these concerns, the Canadian government will be taking the following actions:

  • Work with employers to make sure foreign workers are not relied upon in place of qualified Canadians;
  • Increase the recruitment efforts that employers must make before hiring a temporary foreign worker, including increasing the ‘length and reach’ of advertising;
  • Help employers who currently rely on foreign workers to transition to employing a Canadian workforce;
  • Restrict language requirements of foreign workers to only Canada’s official languages (English/French); and
  • Introduce fees for the processing of Labour Market Opinions (LMOs);
  • Last year, over 200,000 temporary foreign workers entered Canada.

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Temporary Foreign Worker Program