Intra-Company Transfers To Canada

Are you looking to transfer a current foreign executive, senior manager, or specialized employee from a foreign office to your Canadian operations? This is commonly known within immigration as an intra-company transfer and omits the involvement of the HRSDC. However, to qualify, your company must show that your company is actively conducting business within Canada and other foreign countries. In the instance of operational expansion of your company into the Canadian market, the applicant can also request a work permit by establishing that the Canadian enterprise can support their role.

Work permits can be obtained in advance at any Canadian Visa Office or foreign Canadian Port Of Entry. If your company’s employee is visiting Canada under the status of Visitor, a work permit application can also be filled out and submitted at such time.

In any case, it is best to hire the counsel of an established immigration lawyer that is dedicated to this area of law. Intra-company transfers are an important aspect to a business’ ability to grow into new markets. There is a great deal of pressure to secure the right people within these growing opportunities so it makes sense to follow the guidance and management of an immigration firm that is dedicated to these applications.

Required Information For Intra-Company Transfers

Proof of citizenship

Outline of pre-arranged position in Canada, including:

  • Duration of stay,
  • Description of employment as executive or specialized knowledge,
  • Proof of relationship between Canadian and foreign employers,
  • Proof of previous employment with organization,
  • Minimum of one continuous year in the last three years,
  • Similar position to the one being offered in Canada.

Durations Of Intra-Company Transfers To Canada

Initial grants for work permits under an intra-company transfer last for 3 years, at the most. Typically, transfers into a Canadian branch office of your company are valid for up to one year, with the ability to for extensions that can last up to 2 years, per extension.

In the matter of Executive Transfers, these can be permitted for up to 7 years in total. Specialized knowledge workers are given permits extensions up to 5 years, in which time it is expected that their skill set has been passed on to local labour resources.

Have More Questions On Intra-Company Transfers To Canada?

If your company is looking to move important employees into an existing Canadian branch, or an expanding operation, the immigration process can be complex and confusing. Let our immigration lawyers handle your case, greatly improving your efforts to move executives, management, and specialized workers into your Canadian branch. Edmonton Immigration Law Immigration focuses on corporate immigration and we look forward to managing your intra-company transfers.

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Intra Company Transfers To Canada