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Foreign Nationals

At Edmonton Immigration Law we work closely with employers and perspective foreign national employees when preparing documentation and processing for application process that involve working in Canada. In these scenarios, we frequently utilize the following application options for clients:

  • GATS

We are also often requested to advise on issues relating to NAFTA portability, quota exemptions, and application appeals. Throughout every application, we work closely with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Human Resources Development Canada, Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, and relevant Canadian consulates throughout the globe.


Edmonton Immigration Law is proud to work with our Canadian universities when addressing the needs of foreign students and scholars who need short and long-term immigration representation. We often offer consultation for Canadian education institutions that are looking to enlist foreign academic talent and we have provided advice on numerous student applications in Western Canada. Regardless of your needs, we can provide a custom solution for your Canadian immigration applications.


With the brain-drain phenomenon facing our Canadian health care system, we understand the grave need to source professional talent in the medical field. We work with hospital administrators in Canada who need to open efficient channels to foreign doctors, nurses and support medical staff that are badly needed in our health care system. If your hospital administration needs advice regarding the immigration or visa application of a perspective individual or group of foreign professionals call Edmonton Immigration Law’s legal team and take advantage of our advice and expertise.

Extraordinary-Exceptional Ability

When you are involved in a fast moving or emerging market it can be difficult to obtain specialized expertise in the regions you operate. Not having access to such talent can stagnate your company’s growth and is an indirect hindrance to the “bigger picture” within our Canadian economy. If you have been forced to look abroad for such talent and expertise, there is a good chance you require legal assistance in the immigration of such talent to Canada. Edmonton Immigration Law has a depth of experience in successfully obtaining temporary and long-term work permits and visas for such cases.

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Edmonton Immigration Law manages the applications of professional worker visas for both routine and highly complex scenarios. Our consultative services include the consideration of predicted wage analysis, advice regarding education / experience combinations, and proving “specialty occupation” status. At Edmonton Immigration Law we always employ the most modern legal solutions and strategies when addressing quota exemptions, portability, and visa extensions. If your company is facing the issue of obtaining or retaining the work status of a professional within your company we can offer assistance. Contact us today to set up an initial discovery of your options.


Our medical physician clients range from medical residents to seasoned medical physicians. Our law firm has experienced a great level of success when managing Canadian student visas, Canadian temporary work visas, as well as permanent Canadian residency for experienced medical professionals. We are also well versed in visa applications that involve medical research in hospital and academic settings.


While Edmonton Immigration Law carries a dedicated focus on the unique needs of the western Canadian business community, we hold great pride in our success with reunifying families that have been separated due to the Canadian immigration process. We also hold a strong understanding of applications involving foreign nationals marrying Canadian citizens, fiancés, spouses, parents, children and siblings. In the case of marriage, we offer strategic advice that can spare a couple long, unnecessary periods of separation during this administrative process.

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