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Account Alerts & Briefings

Our firm is constantly monitoring and evaluating changes in the Canadian immigration space, and assessing these changes in relevance to your immigration program and interests. As we anticipate change you are made aware of your options so when regulations change, we have a strategy in place to provide swift adjustments.

Client Training

One of our core values at Edmonton Immigration Law is to keep our clients educated and informed about the Canadian immigration space. The more you understand, the more confident and efficient we can be in delivering premier account service. While all client relationships involve a great deal of personal face time and disclosure, we are also happy to book additional workshop sessions in-house with your HR department and senior management to cover topics such as:

  • temporary work and residence permit procedures
  • permanent residence processes
  • corporate immigration




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Best Practices & Knowledge Sharing

With every client account, Edmonton Immigration Law holds itself to a high standard of best practices. This not only ensures our focus on the Canadian immigration processes, but translates directly into your company’s application success ratios, spared resources, and time. We examine every client’s situation and always look for ways to improve the process so we can add to your bottom line.

Account Review Meetings

We are dedicated to regular review sessions with all of our clients to:

  • evaluate immigration program procedures
  • analyze immigration program efficiencies
  • address current government policy changes
  • adjust to corporate policy changes

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