Corporate compliance for Canadian Immigration

Obviously, we now live in global environment that has become more and more complex with regulations and the strict need for corporate compliancy and becoming involved with immigration processes and the enforcement policies that come with them. Corporations that must produce constant growth can’t afford stagnation at the hands of an inefficient labour market. Canadian companies must be able to adapt and adhere to ever changing government policies so their time and resources are not wasted in effort to fill these important labour voids.

At Edmonton Immigration Law, we provide sound judgment, and we apply the most recent protocols and regulatory steps when managing the immigration programs of our clients.




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Your company’s success in this fast moving global labour market depends on having the right people in place to ensure your corporate immigration program runs smoothly with consistent success. Our legal team applies a strict code of compliance for all of our clients so we can move forward with your staff immigration applications, confident in our preparation and management of your account.

Dedicating our practice to immigration in western Canada, we work with our corporate client to proactively meet the compliancy requirements set by the Canadian government, taking in account all aspects of Canadian business immigration. Let our firm help your company develop a rock-solid immigration program that will save you time, money, and provide consistent success.

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