Labour Market Opinion Basics

Is your company dealing with the recent labour shortages in western Canada? Having trouble filling low-skill positions within your company? If you are looking to hire foreign employees to address these concerns there are a number of steps you need to take before you can actively recruit. The first step is to acquire a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO). This document shows that there is a distinct need within your region for additional labour that can’t be sourced from local citizens.

Steps For Approval To Hire Temporary Foreign Workers

Submit a completed request for LMO pre-approval to the nearest Service Canada Centre that processes foreign worker applications. To ensure your greatest chance for success, our immigration lawyers will handle the completion, management, and submission of this request.

When a decision is made regarding your pre-approval for a LMO, our immigration lawyers will receive your notice from Service Canada, and will explain their decision regarding whether you can begin actively recruiting foreign workers.

With a positive pre-approval, your company can begin actively recruiting foreign labour. As details of these workers are collected, our immigration lawyers will submit these details to Service Canada. With each approved worker a positive LMO will be issued. At this point, our legal team will work with your company to submit the appropriate documentation that will confirm that your company meets the conditions of the foreign worker application form and employment contract (if applicable).

Do not recruit if Service Canada refuses your pre-approval request. If you disagree with the Service Canada decision, we can work with you to reposition your request, submitting additional information that may positively affect Service Canada Centre’s decision.

Once a positive LMO has been issued, you should provide a copy of the confirmation letter to each foreign worker and advise each worker to apply for a work permit and, if necessary, a temporary resident visa at a visa office abroad.

Contact Our Immigration Office About Your LMO Applications

Making an LMO request for any company, large or small, can be a very complex and involved process that comes with a great deal of space for argument. How you position your application can have a major impact on the success and outcome of your LMO request. Working with our team of immigration lawyers you add an immediate layer of experience and skill in navigating this tricky process. Don’t risk the opportunity cost of not filling needed positions and call our law office in Edmonton for assistance in helping your company succeed with the LMO process.

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Canadian Labour Market Opinion Basics