Abuse Of The Temporary Foreign Worker Program In Canada

Two former employees of a Tim Horton’s in Fernie, BC, are claiming that their employer abused their temporary foreign worker status – cheating them out of overtime pay. The Filipino couple, Heidi Kibanoff and Richard Pepito, say that they were pressured to not only work extensive overtime hours, but also pay a portion of their pay cheques back to their employer – in cash.

The couple allege that their employer, Pierre Pelletier, would drive the employees to a local bank in Fernie where they would cash their pay cheques. Immediately following the bank transaction, Pelletier would demand that they pay a portion of their cashed cheques directly back to him.

Because of their strong desire to stay in Canada, and their mid-application status within the Provincial Nominee Program (a fast track to permanent residency in Canada), they felt that Pelletier abused his position to extort money from several employees. It is also alleged that Pelletier forced temporary foreign workers to pay him for the processing fees of renewing their temporary work permits – an expense employers are responsible for by regulation.

While Pelletier claims that these allegations are news to him, CBC News has obtained documents that outline an internal investigation that is already underway within Tim Horton’s head office. ”This matter has been brought to our attention. We are treating it seriously and are currently conducting a review in full cooperation with B.C. Employment Standards,” Tim Hortons corporate said in a written statement.

The B.C. Employments Standards Branch have stated that an investigation is ongoing with a hearing date set for February of next year.

Are You A Temporary Foreign Worker Abused By Your Employer?

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Temporary Foreign Worker Program In Canada


Posted on December 6th, 2013