Quebec Restaurants Want Temporary Foreign Workers

The Quebec government has requested that Federal Government lift the ban on restaurants hiring temporary foreign workers, but only for Quebec. The ban follows the reports alleging the program was being misused by the restaurant industry.

The Provincial Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil intended to meet with the Federal Immigration Minister Chris Alexander as indicated by her spokesman.

The spokesman for the provincial minister, Dave McMahon said “Weil will ask that Quebec be granted an exemption to the moratorium.” He continued, ”we are a bit worried about the impact of the moratorium on our restaurants and on our small and medium-sized businesses.”

Albeit, the provincial immigration spokesman did claim that, ”we are ready to work with the federal government to tighten the rules of the program if need be.” Weil has indicated that she intends to make the same request to Employment Minister Jason Kenney, who heads up the, now controversial, temporary foreign workers program.

Kenney’ spokeswomen said there are no immediate plans to lift the ban anywhere in Canada, including Quebec. “Abuse of the temporary foreign worker program will not be tolerated,” the Employment Minister’s spokeswomen wrote in an email. The email also stated broadly that, “allegations of misuse will continue to be investigated and any employer found to have violated the rules will face serious consequences.”

The temporary foreign worker program has been popular with industry groups, particularly the fast food industry. The moratorium has been widely criticized by industry groups. Overall, the program has jumped from about 100,000 people in 2002 to as many as 338,000 now working across the country. Ottawa approved approximately 240,000 temporary foreign workers last year.

The spokesman for the provincial immigration minister said there hadn’t been any problems in Quebec. This statement echoes Quebec’s restaurant association that called it “exaggerated and unreasonable.” The spokesman added: ”As we speak there’s no abuse that’s been reported to us in Quebec, and especially in the restaurant sector.”

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Posted on May 30th, 2014