How Do I Choose The Right Canada Immigration Lawyer?

Finding a lawyer is often a word of mouth process when facing a general issue. However, when dealing in focused areas of law, it is important to have the right professional who is dedicated to your needs. This is certainly the case when working throuhg the Canadian immigration process from overseas, or retaining local counsel for a family member abroad. When assessing local immigration lawyers in Edmonton, it’s important to evaluate whether the lawyer has had experience working with the country you are migrating from, as well as addressing any language barriers that may cause delays during your application process.

Why Choose A Lawyer Who Is Focused On Canadian Immigration Law?

Given the political nature of Canadian immigration, the laws and regulations that surround the legal space change far more frequently than others. When choosing an immigration lawyer in Alberta, you want to work with a trusted professional who is up to date of all Canadian immigration laws and requirements, eliminating wasted time in your immigration application. While such misinterpretations can be costly for time in a standard application, stakes are even that much higher in courtroom settings of tribunals.

Another important question to ask when evaluating a lawyer or law firm is the question of additional services. While in most business settings a wide array of serivces is looked upon positively, in law it raises the question of whether a firm is really dedicated to your particular legal needs, or are they simply spread more thinly across many diciplines.

Does Your Immigration Lawyer Offer A Guarantee?

The immigration process for a family or business is not a cheap venture. It can cost considerable sums depending on the complexity of the case, and success is not guaranteed. Given that risk, what is your immigration lawyer providing in compensation if a application has failed? At Edmonton Immigration Law Immigration, we understand this stress and we simply remove it by guaranteeing that if your application is declined, we will re-apply without additional legal fees. In the unfortunate circumstance that your application has come to a definite hault, our law firm will reimburse your legal fees. It’s that simple.

Does Your Immigration Lawyer Have Client Testimonials?

While it can be argued that testimonials can be easily fabricated and only serve the vendor’s interests, a law firm that is willing to openly post testimonials will be also likely to provide additional testimonials, or even referral information of past clients. This type of service transparency should be looked at as a strong positive when selecting your immigration lawyer.

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Posted on October 11th, 2013