Foreign Workers Replace Canadian Oilsands Employees Following Layoffs

The federal government is currently investigating layoffs involving several dozen Canadian oilfield workers who were employed in Alberta’s oilsands. A spokesperson for Employment Minister Jason Kenny says that the minister has called for an urgent review of the employees, and their subsequent replacement by foreign aid workers.

Temporary Foreign Workers’ Wages Significantly Lower than Canadians’ Wages

Gil McGowan, the president of The Alberta Federation of Labor, claims that the foreign workers were being paid $18 an hour –about half of what the Canadian workers were making for the same jobs.

Government officials are taking these allegations very seriously. “Our government will not tolerate any abuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program,” claims minister Kenney’s press secretary, Alexandra Fortier.

Despite reported changes to the program, McGowan feels that the government is not doing enough to stop employers from exploiting workers with temporary foreign work permits . “This is not an isolated case. Increasingly, this is becoming business as usual.”

McGowan has heard complaints from other groups within Alberta’s oil patch industry, and argues that the government is allowing employers to use the TFW Program to drive down wages, exploit foreign workers, and displace Canadians within the job market.

Ottawa has recently imposed new regulations to mitigate fears that Canadians’ job opportunities were being taken away by foreign workers. In an email, Fortier assures Canadians that they will be given priority by potential employers: “Our government has recently made reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to ensure that Canadians are first in line for available jobs.”

The changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program have allowed officials to conduct workplace inspections without warrants. Any employer found to be in violation of the rules will be blacklisted.

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Posted on March 5th, 2014