2013 Changes To AINP

Self Nomination For Canadian Residency

Under the Strategic Recruitment Stream (SRS), the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program has created a new category that enables skilled foreign workers to stay in Alberta permanently. Titled the ‘Alberta Work Experience Category’, this new addition to the AINP allows foreign skilled workers with at least 2 years of Alberta work experience to maintain jobs in specific and vital roles within the Alberta economy. The most notable change within AINP will be the applicant’s ability to nominate themselves for permanent Canadian residency. The Canadian government will be accepting applications for this new category until November 28, 2013.

Changes To The AINP In Manufacturing

This spring the Canadian government also reduced the number of years of work experience required by semi-skilled foreign workers applying to AINP through the manufacturing industry. Applicants within one of the eligible manufacturing occupations can now apply with only 2 years of manufacturing work experience (at least 1 year’s experience gained in Canada).

AINP’s 2013 Hotel and Lodging Additional Allocation

Also effective this spring is a short-term program aimed to help employers in Alberta’s hotel and lodging industry. The ‘Hotel and Lodging Additional Allocation’ effectively removes the 2013 calendar year’s allocation limit for labour that serves Front Desk, Clerk, Food and Beverage Servers, and Room Attendants. Employers can nominate as many eligible applicants as they need for these specific positions, regardless of their previous application volumes, to date in 2013.

Deadline for the applications is on or before November 28, 2013

Contact Our Edmonton Immigration Lawyers For Guidance

If you are interested in making an application through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, but need assistance in completing your application, contact our immigration lawyers in Edmonton. We have a long experience of assisting Alberta’s employers in fulfilling their labour demands with skilled foreign workers. Call us today and get your application in process before the November 28, 2013 deadline.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Posted on July 15th, 2013